playtex gentle glide coupon
Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons, Only $3.99 at King Soopers!
          We found another Mega Event deal at King Soopers! Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons are on
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Old Spice coupon
HOT DEALS! Old Spice Products – Body Wash or Deodorant, Only $0.99 at King Soopers!
        STOCK UP ALERT on Old Spice Products! Body Wash or Deodorant will be an awesome $0.99!
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Secret Outlast coupon
Secret Outlast Deodorant, Only $0.99 at King Soopers!
        Today is the last day of the Buy 5, Save $5.00 Mega Event at King Soopers!
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dove shampoo coupon
Dove Shampoo, Conditioner or Men+Care Products, as LOW as $0.99 at King Soopers!
      We want to squeeze in a few more King Soopers Mega Event deals! This one is for
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always discreet coupon
Always Discreet Liners or Pads, Only $1.99 at King Soopers!
        Always Discreet products are on sale TODAY ONLY at King Soopers! Clip the high-value newspaper coupon
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Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner coupon
Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, Only $1.50 at King Soopers!
          The King Soopers Mega Event is heating up! Get in on this GREAT deal for
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Mrs. Butterworth's coupon
Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup, Only $1.99 at King Soopers!
          Here’s another Mega Event deal at King Soopers! Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup is on sale today
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boost drink coupon
NEW Boost Nutritional Drink Coupon,as LOW as $3.49 at King Soopers!
          Don’t miss out on this high-value Boost coupon! At King Soopers you’ll pay as low
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flatout coupon
NEW Flatout Wraps Coupon, Only $1.50 at King Soopers!
    It’s been awhile since we had a deal on Flatout Wraps! Print it up this new coupon we
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Pepperidge Farm Slider buns coupon
RARE Pepperidge Farm Coupon! Slider Buns, Only $1.49 at King Soopers!
          New coupons & deals are the theme for today! 😉 Don’t wait to print up
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Head & Shoulders coupon
Head & Shoulders Products, Only $1.49 at King Soopers!
          STOCK UP on Head & Shoulders hair care products at King Soopers! You’ll only a
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Cascadian Farm Snack Bars coupon catalina
UPDATED: Cascadian Farm Snack Bars, Only $0.32 at King Soopers!
          We just HAVE to update this deal on Cascadian Farm Snack Bars!  Now during the
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st Ives coupon
St. Ives Face Scrub or Noxzema, Only $0.99 During King Soopers Mega Event!
        It’s time to stock up on St. Ives Face Scrub or Noxzema during the Buy 5,
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Jolly Time Healthy Pop Popcorn coupon
NEW Jolly Time Healthy Pop Popcorn Coupon = $0.37 at King Soopers!
          Whew! We are trying hard to keep up with all these new coupons and Mega
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pantene coupon
STOCK UP! Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, Only $0.32 at King Soopers!
        Here’s another P&G Beauty or Personal Care Catalina deal! Take advantage of the King Soopers Buy
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Ken's Simply Vinaigrette coupon
Ken’s Dressing, as LOW as $0.99 at King Soopers!
          We spied Ken’s Dressings included in the King Soopers Mega Event weeks ago! We’re happy
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scope mouthwash coupon mega event king soopes
UPDATED: Scope Mouthwash Deal, Now Only $1.16 at King Soopers!
        We want to bring you this updated deal on Scope Mouthwash! Grab three bottles and combine
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Herbal Essences Shampoo coupon
FREE Herbal Essences & Aussie Products = Moneymaker at King Soopers!
            Take a look at this AWESOME deal on Herbal Essences & Aussie products! We
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Frigo Cheese Heads coupon
NEW Frigo Cheese Heads Cheese Snacks Coupon = $2.49 at King Soopers!
        Print this NEW Frigo Cheese coupon. You can grab a package of these cheese snacks at
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Hostess Donuts printable coupon
RARE Hostess Donettes Coupon, Only $1.61 at King Soopers!
        WOW! Here’s a RARE Hostess Donuts coupon! Get your hot little hands on this coupon and
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suave shampoo coupon
FREE Suave Men’s or Professionals Shampoo & Conditioner at King Soopers!
          Check your new Red Plum 1/7 inserts for the coupons you’ll need to score FREE
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stayfree coupon king soopers kroger mega event
NEW Stayfree and Carefree Coupons, as LOW as $0.49 at King Soopers!
          SCORE! We have a NEW printable Stayfree & Carefree coupon! It matches with the King
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hefty slider bags coupon
NEW Hefty Coupons = Slider Bags, Only $0.99 at King Soopers
          We need to update this deal, why? Say it with us “NEW COUPONS!” Hefty Slider
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crest gel coupon catalina
NEW! FREE Crest Toothpaste Deal = Moneymaker at King Soopers!
          King Soopers has a brand new Procter & Gamble Beauty and Personal Care products Catalina offer! 
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finish dishwasher coupon
STOCK UP! Finish Dishwasher Detergent, Only $2.49 at King Soopers!
          WOWZA! Did you get all your 6 inserts over the weekend? We hope so cause
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