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Coupon class March 10 2018 denver

Want to learn how save 50%, 60%, 70% or MORE on your grocery bill?

Does the King Soopers Mega Event baffle you?

Can you really save that much money using coupons?


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Join the Colorado Coupon Club and we'll show you how!

Because it’s so much easier (and fun!) to learn in person!

In this 90 min workshop we will cover the basics of couponing:

Realistic Couponing: See exactly how coupons work, how you can use them to save at least 50% on your groceries, understand your stores’ policies, and keep all those awesome coupons simply organized.

Strategic Grocery Shopping: Learn how to avoid common marketing traps at the grocery store, and shop smarter! Also secrets to shopping at local stores in our area & much more!


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Registration is Required - $10.00 per person


Seats are limited! Sign up today to secure your spot!

Tickets are sold only in advance.

**Please Note: Ticket fees are non-refundable & childcare is not provided.**

You will leave excited about the money you can save! 

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There was a lot of great info and the instructor made it a point to appeal to different learning styles. Not only is saving money fun, but I also learned about the Coupon Fairy concept and giving back by sending my expired coupons to military families. It's good to know even if I'm not an expert couponer that always gets things for free that I can donate there are still ways I can use my couponing to help others too! Thanks so much!



I couldn't write fast enough!

I was so relieved to see that the instructor is a regular, down to earth, stay at home mom. She made me realize that couponing really can work for anyone! She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and patient with our class' many many questions. The information I learned in this class was worth beyond the class fee. I can't believe she doesn't charge more!

Samantha Hennessy

Samantha Hennessy

Ready to Save!

If you are looking for a class that breaks it all down in a quick matter of time this is it. Even if you have been couponing for a while you will still learn something. I really enjoyed the class & definitely feel more confident to coupon.



Love to coupon!

Great class! The extra things that were brought out in the class - storing eggs, extra papers delivered on Sundays, what months to buy different foods - I could go on and on. It was a wonderful class and I learned a lot.



Thanks so much!

We had a great time in the class and learned a lot! We were confused on how to use coupons and had a lot of questions before the class, and afterwards we understood and had all of our questions answered! We left excited to start applying what we learned to our shopping trip and got a 59% savings on our first couponing trip to King Soopers! We even started a stockpile with what we bought! A big thanks to Cheryl. We recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to save!

Estella and Roman

Estella and Roman

Satisfied Couponer!

This class was very fun, organized, exciting, and I learned so much more than I thought, I came to the class to overcome my fear in using coupons the right way and this class made me more confident in using my coupons and yesterday my husband and I shopped at Walgreens and we saved 82% on our shopping, my husband loved the class as well and it was well worth the drive, time and price, I recommend others to take this class,



Satisified Participant

What an awesome class! Cheryl is a great instructor! She explained everything in a way it could be easily understood. I was worried about being overwhelmed, and instead I got totally motivated! I'm so excited to get started saving money and definitely recommending this class to everyone!



Coupons ROCK!

Koelbel Library:

(Orchard Rd & Holly St - DTC/Centennial)


Pikes Peak Library District - Library 21c:

(Academy Blvd N & Jamboree Dr)