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Homemade Flexible Ice Pack!

ice pack

Everyone should have flexible ice packs available at a moments notice for quick injury treatments, but at $10-$15 a pop, making a homemade ice pack is a much better alternative. They are super simple to make, and cost around $1.25 in materials. These homemade ice packs are soft, flexible, and comfortable for icing down body aches and pains. The other bonus is that you know the ingredients – no crazy chemicals, just a few common household items.






Homemade Flexible Ice Pack

2 cups water
1 cup rubbing alcohol or high-proof vodka
Food coloring for the blue tint (optional)
2 zip-top bags – quart or vacuum sealer bag

Mix the water and alcohol together in one of your zip-top bags and add food coloring, if desired, until you get that perfect blue tint. Release as much air as possible and seal the bag. I recommend double bagging for strength. If you have a vacuum sealer use a vacuum seal bag to prevent any leaks. My trusty Foodsaver works like a charm with just one bag! 🙂