Easter egg hunt smart phone

Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids – Using a Smart Phone!!


Smart Phone Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids


Easter is this weekend (gasp), I wanted to share this AWESOME Easter egg hunt idea with you! My kids are older (13,15 & 18). The annual Easter egg hunt is loosing it’s “pizzazz”. You know, it’s kind of for “little kids”.

Well, have no fear! Here’s new way to keep them “in the hunt”, so to speak. 😉 Combining the old fashion Easter Egg hunt with a Smart phone and QR codes. Brilliant! I’ve done this for my kids for the last three years and they just LOVE it! Best part? It won’t cost you a dime!

There are two ways to do this Easter egg hunt.  #1 – Treasure hunt style. (One egg leads you to the next egg and so on).  or   #2 – Check off list style. (Give them a print out of the list of clues that they can find in any order).

We did “Tresure Hunt Style” which in the end, led the kids to their Easter baskets.  🙂 Super fun!


CLICK HERE for all the information and printables to get started.

Then get ready to accept the “Cool Mom/Dad” award! 😉


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