Denver nature Science -free-days 2018

FREE Days at Denver Museum of Nature & Science!






Mark your calendar and visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for FREE!

There are 13 days this year you can!

 Denver Museum of Nature & Science

2018 Free Days


January 8 – Monday
January 28 – Sunday

February 12 – Monday

 April 9 – Monday
April 29 (Día del Niño) – Sunday

June 3 – Sunday

July 5 – Night at the Museum – Thursday

August 13 – Monday

September 12 – Night at the Museum – Wednesday
September 30 – Sunday

October 14 – Sunday

 November 3 – Night at the Museum – Saturday

December 9 – Sunday


General Museum Hours

9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
The Museum is open seven days a week year-round, with the exception of December 25.

Because free days are, well ….FREE, expect large crowds and plan accordingly. Arrive early to secure a parking spot, (trust us on this one).  😉

Note: A fee still applies to IMAX films, Planetarium shows, and temporary exhibitions. Reservations and amenities (lunchroom, coat and lunch storage, bus drop off, etc.) for school groups are not available on SCFD Community Free Days.

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