Ibotta – What is it? How does it work?


Ibotta (I-bought-uh) is a fun and exciting way to earn cash every time you shop – plus it’s free! Get paid for the things I already buy? YES!!

Ready to get started? The first thing you have to do is click here to visit Ibotta and create an account!  Then download the FREE Ibotta app here onto your smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to start saving!

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What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free mobile cash back shopping app for iPhones, Android phones & tablets. That lets you earn REAL MONEY for items you purchase at retailers nationwide, including King Soopers, Target, Safeway, Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and many others!

As of right now, there is no policy against using paper coupons or other money-saving apps in addition to Ibotta, to really maximize your savings! 🙂




unnamedHow does Ibotta work?


After you sign up, open the Ibotta app on your phone, click on “Grocery” (or another category) and choose your store. You’ll see the Ibotta offers available. Each store will include offers that are available everywhere, but certain store will have “exclusive offers”. Choose a product and complete one or more of the tasks for each offer. The more tasks you complete, the more cash you can earn.

Offers DO expire! And like printable coupons, offers can run out ahead of the expiration date. So remember to redeem them before they’re gone!

Offers are valid for 1-5 items. Click on each individual offer to see it’s details.





Purchase the item(s) in the offers you have selected, you can still use a paper or digital coupons at your local grocery store on the same product to save even more!








Depending on the store, there are two ways to verify purchases:

Scan the barcode on the product (if required), take a quick picture of your receipt and submit it through the app for review. Generally there is a 24-hour time frame before the funds are added to your account. (Honestly, it’s usually in less than an hour.). You are only allowed to submit a receipt once.

If your store is an Ibotta Preferred Partner, it’s even easier – choose Link Account and register your loyalty card or phone number. At checkout, use your loyalty card or phone number, and they’ll handle the rest!




The best part about Ibotta is that you earn REAL MONEY, not points or other made-up currencies. What you see is what you get. As soon as you’ve earned $20, you can cash out! Just link your Ibotta account with PayPal and 100% of your Ibotta earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account. Seriously, it’s that easy! There are other cash out options too, which include gift cards from Whole Foods, iTunes, Starbucks and more!




Here’s a recap:
• Sign up with Ibotta & download the app.
• Pick your store & search for product offers.
• Complete a task that pays (watch a quick video, take a poll, learn a fact, etc..)
• Go shopping and purchase the item in the offer. Use your paper coupons too!
• Redeem chosen offers by scanning the product bar code and snap a quality photo of your receipt.
• Money is added to your account within 24 hours (usually in as little as an hour).
• Cash out to your PayPal account or gift card (Starbucks, iTunes, Whole Foods & more).


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